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$SOLAR ENERGY, solar energy is any type of energy generated from the sun, solar energy is created by nuclear fusion that takes place in the sun. fusion occurs when protons of hydrogen atoms violently collide in the sun's core and fuse to create a helium atom, now living nodes in the solar ecosystem that install solar panels in their homes and offices or businesses places can still trade their trade their electricity via p2p energy trading because it is being enable in the block chain technology or Blockchain enable it, many utilities offer a way to sell solar power back to the grid called net metering, if you have solar panels generating electricity, you may generate extra electricity during peak day light hours with net metering, any excess power that u generate is sold back to the utility grid, with a net metering connection, your solar pv system is connected to the main electricity grid that allows you to sell power generated by your solar panels . P2P electricity trading is also known as the Uber or Airbnb of energy, as it is a platform that allows local distributed energy generators to sell their electricity at desired price to consumers willing to pay that price. USING BLOCKCHAIN FOR P2P energy trading! P2P energy trading is a new exchange system where individuals generate their own renewable energy and then share the excesses, at a given price, with their local community. It can come from different kinds of Renewable energy sources (RES) such as solar, wind and CHP(combine heat and power) the energy is then stored in what is called a virtual power plant (VPP) which facilitates the control and monitoring of the assets the assets , . Before each day of trading starts the system uses a means of forecasting to predict approximately how much energy will be created in the day . It is the cost effective for peers involved as they become prosumers: they produce and consume the energy . There is also no middle man involved which leads to the lower cost and higher flexibility on the products since there is no commission. Additionally, although there is a disintermediation, all the transactions and documentation, are virtual and stored automatically. The energy is tokenized and each block on the Blockchain chain stores the contract between the producer and buyer of the energy traded. This leads to all transactions being in the same format and conforming to the same protocols. This means that in the long term, consumers might not need to rely on major energy providers as they did before.

Additionally, the use of micro grids enhances the reliability of the services as it involves a local area - meaning that in the case of a storm where power supplies are cut between energy providers and consumers, they would still be able to rely on energy through the one produce by their neighbours , for example here, let's take a look at the figure below, on the one hand Sonia (house on the left) has a wind turbines in her garden but produces too much energy a day that her house hold will not need, on the other hand Richard (house on the right) would like to find a cheaper and more green way of powering his home .Sonia will then transfer the extra energy to Richard (for a fee) and the transactions will securely be stored in the Blockchain in short green energy prevails and there is no wastage. Using the Blockchain technology, Sonia and Richard will not need to use any third party because they Will both trust and agree the rules of system. This means that the transactions will be stored in the Blockchain once it has been accepted by both parties. The transactions would potentially only need to store the names of the buyer and seller. The amount of energy necessary and the amount paid for it because the transactions is stored in the Blockchain, there is no need to worry about others tempering with the data. This and many more are the solar innovation $SOLAR AFRICA will be bringing to you, to represent and tokenize ur community or your area in the solar energy block chain, kindly send your email.... Phone... name.....state.... Local government........ community.... To solarafrica93@gmail.com


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Big news

Metaverse, since metaverse is a virtual world where people can do almost anything that they can do in the real world, a metaverse would offer a virtual space and a virtual economy where people can work,earn ,buy and sell properties, have fun ,play games, create art , make payment and do daily activities that parallel their real lives, $solar africa will be use as a utility token in the metaverse which one can convert into different currencies and use in the metaverse, there will also be solar city in the metaverse, where we carry out all business activities in augmented reality and virtual reality, that helps people and communities to carry out business transactions.

NFT Market Place and Gamin

$solar Africa will be hosting their own Nft market place and gaming, where people will use $solar to mint and sell their nfts and play games. Solar farming, holders will be able to stake their solar in form of farming for a stipulated time and continuously withdraw and stake back to increase their holding value and quantity. Solar store Solar exchangeSolar skill acquisition centerSolar store Will be inform of e-commerce store both offline and online to deal with physical buying and selling of solar energy material using solar token as a payment gateway.

Solar exchange, solar exchange is going to perform multiple task of converting different currencies to solar in other to enable fast transactions in the solar ecosystem, it's gonna be a trading platform. Solar skill acquisition center, this is going to be in communities both online and offline to educate people about everything that has to with solar installation, solar energy trading, innovation and P2P electricity trading platform using Blockchain technology.


$SOLAR AFRICA is coming from the owners of africashtoken, the world first meme e-commerce token, as a big project coming to BSC with alot of use cases and life time big project, $SOLAR AFRICA is going to contribute immensely to the growth, scarcity, durability and scalability of africashtoken.




As part of Elon musk solar city agenda of generating from the sun (solar energy) $SOLAR AFRICA aim to use Blockchain technology to create solar energy in over 1000 rural communities in Africa so as to solve the problem of power in African rural communities, this will solve the problem of electricity or power and create alot of business opportunities, help young innovation, improve the standard of living, expand productivity in all sectors and create employment opportunities.join us as we are set to lighten up the world using $SOLAR AFRICA ecosystem built on binance Blockchain.

As a deflationary token, members are meant to receive rewards in each transactions that happens in the ecosystem and a life time passive as partners or top holders, this will in return discourage paper hand from selling hence there is always adequate results for holding

Investing in $SOLAR AFRICA is another way of contributing to the solving of electricity problem in Africa, $SOLAR AFRICA will also allow members to generate a life time passive income and wealth accumulation just by holding for a long-term, through $ Solar Africa over 1000 rural communities in Africa will be powered through solar energy thereby helping young innovation, increasing productivity & economy, job creation and improving the standard of living. Join us as we lighten up your world.